Grants and Innovation Office (GIO)

Grants and Innovation Office (GIO) is the university's support for you who need to find funding for your research and to develop your ideas and results. We will help you to take the next step, either for research or for the market.

Invite us to your research group or department, and we will tell you about research funding, about knowledge transfer and arrange different types of workshops. Find information about seminars and workshops that we can present here.

Please join the Grants and Innovation Office staff group (Medarbetar grupp). There you will find the latest news about our activities.

More information about our support can be found on Medarbetare/Staff under For you as a researcher and LNU Innovation

GIO's staff

Research advise – support for you as a researcher

We help researchers find funding for their research. This means, for example, that we:

  • Provide support in the application process, by clarifying inquiries, reading, giving feedback and commenting on applications.
  • Offer access to experts on budget issues and lawyers.
  • Give support producing data management plans.
  • Have good relationships with many funders.
  • Assist with information about calls from current financiers, using Research Professional, a database where you will find most of the open calls for research funding, in the world.
  • Organize seminars with the aim of increasing knowledge about the application process.

More information about our support can be found on Medarbetare/Staff under For you as a researcher

Innovation advise – Get help developing your ideas

We help you develop your ideas so that they can reach new groups outside the academy and benefit society. This means, for example, that we:

  • Help you formulate your idea.
  • Offer financial support for, for example, a mapping of the market and news review. For instance, GIO has close access to funds to verify your idea. The money (max 300,000 SEK) can be used for news review, market research, prototype production, various types of protection such as patent protection, design protection and trademark protection.
  • Help you present and develop your idea, through a so-called Value creation forum (VCF).
  • Help you identify assets in your research through an Intellectual Assets Inventory (IAI). This makes it easy to get an overview of the intellectual assets that exist in a research project and to highlight the assets that may be useful to others.
  • Offer the PhD student's course Innovative applications of research and science (4.5 credits). The course presents a variety of methods that researchers can use to ensure that their research has impact and relevance outside the university. The course provides doctoral students with tools that help them communicate the value of their work to financiers and potential investors.

We are part of the Innovation Office Fyrklövern, which for instance runs licensebanken.se.

The professor’s privilege means that you, as a researcher and teacher, have the right to your research results, a unique benefit that you will take advantage of.

More information about our support can be found on Medarbetare/Staff under LNU Innovation