Research Council

Linnaeus University Research Council coordinates the university-wide work with matters related to research.

The Research Council shall, by order of the Vice-Chancellor, act as a preparatory and advisory organ and contribute towards the development of the university’s research. Furthermore, the council shall promote cooperation across faculty and departmental boundaries and has the following, general missions:

  • Initiate, monitor, and prepare cross-faculty strategic research matters
  • Monitor and actively support internationalization and visibility of research
  • Initiate and support measures aimed at quality assurance, quality development and evaluation of research
  • Work towards effective coordination and development of the university’s research in terms of infrastructure, funding, and human resources

Please contact the Research Council at

Composition and Members

  • Chairman, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Responsible for Research Cornelia Witthöft
  • Disa Bergnehr, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Jesper Andersson, Dean of the Faculty of Technology
  • Bodil Petterson, Pro Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Saara Taalas, Pro Dean of the School of Business and Economics
  • Ian Nicholls, Dean of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
  • Hanna Palmér, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Board of Teacher Education
  • Sofie Hammarqvist, Student representative

Co-opted members:

Helena Wickenberg Juhlin, University Library

Ida Ahlström, University Library (DAU)

The Research Council is also linked to the Council for Cases Concerning Scientific Misconduct, which aims to support the Research Council in matters related to research ethics. 

The council is supported by a team consisting of representatives from relevant departments within the administration, as well as the university library. The conveners are Veera Kainiemi and Mattias Gunnarsson at the university management’s office.