Course coordinator

Task description for first and second-cycle course coordinators at the School of Business and Economics

Course coordinators are appointed by heads of department, generally for a period of five academic years. Where necessary, responsibility for a course may be shared – for example, when a future requirement for succession is identified – although one teacher will have formal principal responsibility. The scope in time is decided based on the size of the course and any special circumstances. The hours is included in the budget framework of the course and planned in Retendo.

Responsibilities of the course coordinator:

  • preparing the course syllabus in consultation with the programme coordinator, head of subject (or equivalent) and the Faculty Office of Business and Economics education administrators; prior to review by the Course Committee and establishment by the dean or head of department
  • making proposals to the head of department regarding course planning within the budget framework for the course (including, where applicable, planning the course in collaboration with the course team, contacting visiting lecturers, etc.) and compiling and reporting outcomes (immediately on the conclusion of the course)
  • organising teaching together with the course team (all involved teachers and examiners); including preparing timetables, booking premises, compulsory course elements and examinations (incl. retakes)
  • ensuring that the course is implemented in a qualitative manner and in accordance with the established course syllabus
  • at the start of the course; informing students of the course syllabus, previous course evaluations, examinations, grading criteria, evaluation and supplementing qualifications to fulfil entry requirements (as necessary in individual cases)
  • making available course material and communicating with students via the course room in MyMoodle
  • assessing credit transfers against intended course learning outcomes
  • ensuring that students' results are reported in Ladok. Although teachers may be responsible for the various test elements and education administrators may assist in appraisals/weighting, the course coordinator is responsible for ensuring that documentation is available to examiners in Ladok, as well as that the relevant bases for evaluation are made available in paper or digital format
  • at the end of the course; implementing students' course evaluations and
  • ensuring that the results are compiled and followed up
  • maintaining necessary documentation for the use of any temporary replacement or successor
  • in consultation with relevant programme coordinators; identifying and reporting requirements for developing the course to the teaching coordinator on the knowledge platform, the head of subject (or equivalent) and the head of department. Coordination with other course coordinators/teachers within the subject/specialisation as and when required
  • assisting programme coordinators by providing course-specific data on which to base work with curriculum maps and programme syllabus reviews
  • assisting the AOL Committee in measuring students' goal attainment in accordance with established rubrics or equivalent
  • representing the course on programme councils or equivalent
  • having adequate knowledge and practical expertise in the use of Ladok and MyMoodle