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Faculty Office

The Faculty Office is the administrative support for the School of Business and Economics.

Please contact us via e-mail ekonomihogskolan@lnu.se or directly to whom it may concern. Our administrative tasks include:

  • Overall faculty support concerning issues for the faculty, decision meetings, the Faculty Board, Management Team, the Deans activitys, Faculty arrangement, web and internal information, business plan and accreditation, for example.
  • Study conselling for Kalmar and Växjö. Eligibility and selection issues, register for courses within programs, students with disabilities, distance education etc.
  • Information and Communication Technology (IKT) including My Moddle, Adobe Connect, educational support, etc..
  • Financials - Controller, faculty and institutions financials, financial administration, invoices, expense reports, etc
  • Collaboration - Support for collaboration and alumni.
  • Schedule and room booking for Kalmar and Växjö.
  • Research and postgraduate studies - Processing case to the dean, college of supervisors and individual-related matters.
  • Internationalization Consulting, support to the application of funds for international projects, cooperation, coordination for Minor Field Studies, teacher mobility and student mobility, contact for international students, international education.
  • Educational issues overall including course, education planning, statistics and search numbers, the examiner list, program management, administration of the Education Council.
  • Education Administration such as receptions, performance reporting, course evaluations, essays in Diva, exam management, Celed administration.
  • Technology and Facilities - caretaker in Kalmar and Växjö and working environments.

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