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Programme Coordinators

First and second level

Task description for first- and second cycle programme coordinators at the School of Business and Economics

The programme coordinator acts as the Faculty's point of contact with students on the degree programme, as well as representing the programme internally within Linnaeus University and externally. The programme coordinator reports to the dean and provides the head of department with ongoing feedback on operational issues, as well as engaging themselves in strategic issues to be addressed by the Faculty at meetings of programme coordinators led by the Education Committee.

The programme coordinator
1. is tasked by the Faculty with representing the programme and coordinating programme-related issues
2. is responsible for the content and development of the programme in consultation with knowledge platforms, the Faculty, departments and, where applicable, other faculties – with a focus on high levels of quality, relevant content and teaching expertise, research contacts, digital learning and cooperation
3. works actively to ensure good relations and communications with prospective and current students and alumni, as well as other relevant stakeholders, both internal and external

For details see the appendix below.