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Course Syllabus

Here you will find deadlines, routines for course syllabus and discontinuation of courses at the School of Business and Economics with focus on undergraduate and advanced level.

Procedure for new and revision of syllabus:

  1. See deadlines for submission of new and revision of course syllabus
  2. Take a position on the consequence analysis
  3. Fill in the cover page and get approval from the head of department
  4. For a new course syllabus - fill in the course syllabus template (swe+eng)
  5. Send documents to
  6. See the course committee (KUS) for further information on the work process

Course syllabus within Research Education at the School of Business and Economics, please see the page at medarbetare for Research Education.

Contact information

If you wish to create a new course syllabus, revise the existing course syllabus or discontinuation of courses, send the documentation to