1. Introduction

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The School of Business and Economics is one of five faculties at Linnaeus University. Linnaeus University is a state-owned university in the region of Småland, located in the southeast of Sweden. It has a history from two separate institutions of higher education – Växjö University and Kalmar University College – that merged in 2010. The new university was named Linnaeus University after the world-renowned scientist and entrepreneur Carl Linnaeus, who came from this region. The School of Business and Economics at Linnaeus University is the result of the merger of the Baltic Business School in Kalmar and the School of Business and Economics in Växjö.

Since the merger back in 2010, we at the School of Business and Economics at Linnaeus University have been dedicated to become a recognized participant in the delivery of business and economics educational programs that promote curiosity, creativity, companionship, and utility, which is in line with the vision of the University at large. In order to develop for the future, we recognize that a paradigm shift is needed to more efficiently and effectively facilitate the increasing societal demand for research proficiency, academic distinction, and improvement of the overall experience of management. Therefore, as part of our ongoing development efforts, we feel privileged to engage with the AACSB, who we believe has provided us with a new basis for comparison and with more structured and future-oriented tools for assessing our current activities.

Småland has a strong tradition of entrepreneurial spirit, good communication, low unemployment, and strong social networks, as well as its well-established business clusters. The region has a strong tradition of launching small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) using limited resources and a sustainable mindset and to uphold close collaboration between these SMEs.

The most successful and internationally well-known of these companies is IKEA. The culture within IKEA is a good representative of the spirit of the region. Several fruitful collaboration projects with IKEA have been established both at the university level and at The School of Business and Economics.

Our goal is thus to tap into the legacy of the region and to be a part of its development with an emphasis on an entrepreneurial mindset, leadership experience, sustainable use of resources, and know-how in collaboration and communication. As part of this region, we want to meet the changing needs of society, enhance student success, and become a more attractive school both for local and international students. Our ambition is to stand out at the national and international level through our engagement within entrepreneurship and sustainability on both a practical and theoretical level.

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