Research Education at the School of Business and Economics

At the school of Business and Economics there are three PhD programs; in Business Administration, Economics and Statistics. The faculty have 25 PhD students.

The research education at the School of Business and Economics is coordinated through two supervisors' councils, one for Business Administration and one for Economics and Statistics. The respective programme coordinatiors chair the councils.

There is also a programme council for the research education, where the pro dean is chair, and the three different programme coordinators are members.

Both supervisors' councils and the programme council hold meeting three times per semester, where items are prepared for the faculty board, as well as the dean's decision meeting.

More information and role decriptions can be found below under Documents and links.

Dokuments and links

(In English where available)

Handbook for Doctoral Students School of Business and Economics rev 2019-03-21

Guidelines for costs for doctoral students

Uppdragsbeskrivning programråd för forskarutbildning

Uppdragsbeskrivning programansvariga för utbildning på forskarnivå

Uppdragsbeskrivning för handledare och examinator på forskarnivå

Uppdragsbeskrivning handledarkollegium för forskarutbildningen i företagsekonomi

Uppdragsbeskrivning handledarkollegium för forskarutbildningen i nationalekonomi och statistik

Rutin för inrapportering av resultat inom forskarutbildningen

Local regulations (number 8 from the top)

Checklist prior to the public defence

Regulations for prolongation (only in Swedish)

Forms and templates

Verification for All courses finished (word template)

Seminar card for the course Active Seminar participation 7,5 credits (pdf)

Templates for new course plans (word documents) in Swedish and English. All courses must have a course plan in both Swedish and English regardless of teaching language. Please contact the faculty administrator for information regarding the process of establishing a new course.

Application to change supervisor or examiner. A PhD student have the right to change supervisor and examiner. The form is to be signed by the PhD student and the new supervisor/examiner as well as the current supervisor or examiner (the one who will remain in this function).

Application for degree

Application for funds for conference