Research strategy

The School of Business and Economics aims at;

  • Ensure high-quality research and have a development of research in line with our mission
  • Increase research contributions to the development of the programs and to meet social challenges through collaborations
  • Having a research in line with the School of Business and Economics profile and mission regarding successful students, sustainability and entrepreneurial spirit.

The School of Economics has taken a strategic decision to gather the research groups in different knowledge platforms around topics or themes in order to increase collaboration and optimize the use of resources. Two platform leaders responsible for education and research respectively lead knowledge platforms. The platform should gather researchers and teachers around a common knowledge interest and joint assignments, where the research is combined with the education. In these knowledge platforms, education and research develop together and strengthen each other, which guarantees good quality. Synergy effects of the knowledge platforms contribute to increased collaboration between research, education and surrounding society.

Knowledge platforms

Knowledge platforms do not mean any formal organizational change. The change is made within the organization and with the same delegation. This means that we gather researchers, teachers, program managers and indirectly students in a common environment and joint assignments in our departments.

A knowledge platform is led by a platform leader for research and a platform leader for education that works in teams with colleagues in the platform. Platform Management reports to, and has regular contact with, departments and faculty management. Responsibility for the platform leaders for research and education is defined in particular the Decan decree.

Teachers and researchers are employed at the respective institutions, where the head of the departmen are in charge of the department, economics, personnel responsibility, recruitment and work environment according to the delegation scheme. The head of department holds the responsibility of the authority.

Each employee will eventually have a day-to-day residence in a knowledge platform and adhere to the platform that best matches their area of expertise and interest. As a staff member on a platform, competence is also expected to develop in accordance with the platform's knowledge area. Knowledge platforms and Departments form an organizational matrix.