Course evaluation

Procedures for Course Evaluations!

From spring term 2018 (period three), automation of course evaluations will be introduced at the School of Business and Economics. All course evaluations will now be implemented digitally. Almost all of what is involved in producing and implementing the course evaluations will now occur entirely automatically, but not everything. There are a few things that you as a course coordinator will need to do. Therefore, it is extremely important that you read through the following procedures.

The vice-chancellor has cancelled the demand for the university-wide questions and Survey & Report (jnr. 2020-615-1.1.1) in the "Local rules for first-cycle and second-cycle courses and examination", see the steering documents https://medarbetare.lnu.se/en/medarbetare/management-and-regulations/steering-documents/education/?l=en

Course evaluations – when and how?

  • The course evaluation is prepared with the university-wide questions and the School of Business and Economics' new questionnaire template.

  • Two weeks before the end of the course, as a course coordinator you will receive an e-mail that a course evaluation has been prepared. You can then add your own course-specific questions if you would like to.

  • The course evaluation opens on the Wednesday of the same week as the course ends and is open for two weeks. Notify your administrator if you would like to open your course evaluation earlier.
  • When the course evaluation is opened, all students (respondents) receive a notification on the student web that they can go in answer the questions. There is also a message sent out to the student e-mail. You will receive a copy of this e-mail, but will not be able to answer the questionnaire. Take the e-mail as a sign that everything is "ok" and that the students now have access to the course evaluation.

    Encourage the students to assist with the course evaluation and fill in the positioners. It could be a good idea to take a moment in the final lesson to give the students the opportunity to answer the questionnaire. It can be done on a mobile phone.
  • After a week, the students who did not yet respond will receive a reminder message. This message will also be sent to you. And repeated again as an information notice and signal that everything is rolling on-course.

  • When the course evaluation is closed, you will receive an e-mail. This is the only e-mail that requires action.
    The attached e-mail is the report with blue bars and open-ended responses/comments. The e-mail contains a link to Survey & Report. As you follow it, you will find text fields for your reflections and analyses of the course and the course evaluation report. You choose yourself how much you want to write and in which fields. When you are finished with this, you will neen to approve it by clicking a button. This will send the report (but without the student's open-ended comments) along with your analysis for archiving. With this e-mail, there is also a small manual that you can use as support as you follow the link to Survey & Report.

  • If you do not approve the report in Survey & Report, reminder e-mails will be sent to you until you do.

  • You are responsible for ensuring that the course evaluation report is made available to relevant parties such as teachers involved in instruction, programme managers, Heads of Departments, and Directors of Studies as well as bodies responsible for the quality of the educational programme: Programme Boards (Programråd, Programme Advisory Boards (Programkommitté) and Council for Education (Utbildningsråd).

  • In addition, you are to make the course evaluation report available to the students who filled in the questionnaire.The course evaluation report must remain in the archive and be able to be presented to the students who take the course next time it is offered.

More information

For more information read at Medarbetare

Do you have questions concerning the procedures, contact Education Administrator Malin Madestam malin.madestam@lnu.se