University management

The highest leadership at Linnaeus University consists of the vice-chancellor, pro vice-chancellor, and university director. In the absence of the vice-chancellor, the pro vice-chancellor assumes the vice-chancellor's duties. The university's management group also includes deputy vice-chancellors for different areas and the deans of the faculties.

The Senior Management Team (UL) consists of the vice-chancellor, pro vice-chancellor, university director, and deputy university director.

The University Management Group (ULG) consists of the vice-chancellor, pro vice-chancellor, deputy vice-chancellors, deans, university director, deputy university director, head of communications, and student representatives. The University Management Group organises and coordinates activities to achieve the goals set out in Vision 2030.


The vice-chancellor is appointed by the government for a maximum of six years upon the proposal of the University Board and is the highest executive and representative of the university. Peter Aronsson is the vice-chancellor of Linnaeus University for the term 1 October 2023 to 30 September 2026.
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Pro vice-chancellor

The pro vice-chancellor is appointed by the University Board for a maximum of six years. Niklas Ammert is the pro vice-chancellor and the vice-chancellor's deputy during the term 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2026.
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Deputy vice-chancellors

The vice-chancellor may appoint deputy vice-chancellors for specific areas of responsibility. The deputy vice-chancellor is appointed for a term determined by the vice-chancellor. However, the deputy vice-chancellor's appointment cannot extend beyond the term of the vice-chancellor's appointment, except for the deputy vice-chancellor for teacher education, whose term is specified below. 


University Director

University director is Therése Iveby Gardell. The university director is, under the vice-chancellor, responsible for the university administration.
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