The university’s senior management team

Linnaeus University’s senior management team consists of the vice-chancellor, pro-vice-chancellor, two deputy vice-chancellors, the university director and the adviser to the vice-chancellor.

Linnaeus University’s senior management team consists of:

  • vice-chancellor
  • pro-vice-chancellor
  • deputy vice-chancellors
  • university director
  • adviser to the vice-chancellor

The senior management team works in two leading groups together with other leading individuals in the organisation:

  • the vice-chancellor’s group
  • the management group


The vice-chancellor is appointed by the government for a period of maximum six years after proposal from the University Board. The vice-chancellor is the highest-ranking manager at the university and its primary representative. The vice-chancellor is responsible for, among other things, making sure that the objectives established by the University Board are met.

Linnaeus University’s vice-chancellor for the period 1 October 2017 until 30 September 2023 is Peter Aronsson.


The pro-vice-chancellor is appointed by the University Board for a period of maximum six years. Pro-vice-chancellor is also the vice-chancellor’s deputy. Niklas Ammert is pro-vice-chancellor.

University director

University director is Therése Iveby Gardell. The university director is, on commission by the vice-chancellor, responsible for the university’s administration and economy as well as for the tasks carried out by the university’s common administrative organisation.

Deputy vice-chancellors

Deputy vice-chancellors have been appointed by the vice-chancellor:

  • Ann-Charlotte Larsson is deputy vice-chancellor with special responsibility for internationalisation, innovation, and societal driving force.

Adviser to the vice-chancellor

Adviser to the vice-chancellor is Lars Behrenz and Marie Sterte. The adviser to the vice-chancellor prepares and works primarily with the vice-chancellor’s matters and has a coordination responsibility within the senior management team.