Phd course impact and utilization of research, 4,5 credits

This course runs every autumn and is offered to PhD students in all disciplines from Linnaeus University, Karlstad University, Mid Sweden University and Örebro University.

Impact and the utilisation of research

The findings, experiences, and ideas
that emerge  from  research  have  traditionally  been  utilized through academic publication and teaching programmes. However, academic impact alone is no longer enough for a successful research career. With the growing emphasis in the research funding landscape on maximising impact beyond academia, it is increasingly important that researchers reach wider society by embedding non-academic impact strategies in their projects, by working with a range of non-academic partners and by using ever more innovative methods of dissemination and utilisation.

This course contains a number of methods that can be used as support to ensure that your research has impact and relevance beyond the university. The course also gives you tools that help you best communicate the value of your research to research funders and potential investors.

Lecturers and content 

You will be provided with knowledge about idea development related to research. Particular emphasis will be given to developing an understanding of 'research impact' and how to embed this in your projects. You will meet researchers from various disciplines, all of whom have chosen different paths to take their ideas further from non-profit routes to commercialisation. Other sessions will involve people with extensive experience in key areas around the utilisation of research, such as intellectual property rights and protection. You will also review different types of entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as the importance of networking.

Who can apply and more details

The course is offered to PhD students in all disciplines from Karlstad University, Linnaeus University, Mid Sweden University and Örebro University. The course consists of seven compulsory seminars and an examination session. The course is delivered completely digitally via Zoom and is taught in English.

There will also be an optional workshop on intellectual assets with the Swedish Intellectual Property Office (date TBC).

The course is organised by Innovation Office Fyrklövern

How to apply?

Send your application to no later than 2 June. 

Please send your application to no later than 2 June. Supply your name, university, department, contact information, and a short description (max. 200 words) about your research project and why you want to participate in the course. Be sure to get your supervisor's approval to participate in the course, and also state your supervisor's name and email in your application. We strive to have as broad a mix of disciplines as possible in the cohort.


Seminar details 

1. Impact - 19/9 09.00-12.00

  • Course introduction
  • Wider (non-academic) Research Impact

2. Pitching and Presenting – 20/9 09:00-12:00

  • Presentation skills
  • IAI Duo Interviews

3. Founders and Wider Collaboration – 27/9 09:00-12:00

  • Vinnova
  • Shaped
  • Building, Utilizing and Maintaining Networks

4. Value Creation Forum 1 – 28/9 09:00-12:00

  • Open Access and Open Data
  • VCF Group Work (4-minute pitch)

5. Value Creation Forum 2 – 12/10 09:00-12:00

  • Collaborative Research Examples
  • VCF Group Work (4-minute pitch)

6. Licences, Protections and Copyrights – 24/10 09:00-12:00

  • PRV/ Swedish Intellectual Property Office
  • Christina Wainakka, Confederation Property Office

7. Value Creation Forum 3 – 25/10 09:00-12:00

  • Collaborative Research Examples
  • VCF Group Work (4-minute pitch)

Examinations on 9/11 and 16/11; 09.30-12.00 and 13.00-15.00

  • Each student participates in one of the four examination sessions. It is not normally possible to choose which session you will attend. Rent disciplines as possible in the group.

Contact: Martina Lago, Innovation Advisor, Linnaeus University