Seed projects at

On this page, you enter information about a new seed project, either in a form or in a Word file. This information makes it possible for us research communication officers at the Communications Office to create a page for the seed project at

A seed project, as well, at Linnaeus University may have its own page at, in Swedish and (preferably) also in English. In the form, you can enter all information that is needed for us research communication officers to create a page for your project. This means that the project will be findable when someone looks for it, or its content, at, but also through a search engine like Google.

Fill in the fields with information in Swedish. Fill in the fields marked with [ENG] in English, if you want to create an English page for the project as well. An English page makes the project findable also by international searchers and visitors.

If you have any questions, please contact research communications officer Anders Runesson.

The form is not available with English guiding texts. Instead, fill in the form at the Swedish page, with Swedish guiding texts.

You can also download a Word file in English to your computer, enter the information there and e-mail it to