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Open access (OA) is a form of publishing that is becoming more and more common for scholarly publications. Several of Sweden's research funding agencies require open access publishing of findings that they have funded. By publishing your research open access, it will be freely available via the Internet for anyone in the world. By doing so, you contribute to a fairer distribution of research results globally, allowing less privileged institutions and regions access. As an added bonus, the number of researchers who can read your research increases compared to if you only publish in a subscription journal. Having more readers in turn increases your chance of being cited. There are two ways to make your results freely available: by publishing in an open access journal or by self-archiving.

We offer:

Grants from Linnaeus University's reserved assets for open access publishing

If you are a researcher at Linnaeus University and the author of a publication that is published open access, you can apply for a publishing grant to cover the publishing fee, in whole or in part. A number of criteria should be fulfilled for the application to be approved.

Read more about the terms at the page Grants for publishing open access.

Guidance when publishing open access

Most journals and publishers offer open access publishing in some form, but there are major differences in what fees are charged and what rights you as an author have. We can advise you on selecting a publication to submit your manuscript to, and help you interpret how you may disseminate your article once it has been published.

Advice about prepaid and discounted publication fees

As an employee at Linnaeus University, you have access to various prepaid or discounted publishing fees. We can assist you with information on available agreements and what you as an author need to do to get access to them.

Read more at the page Grants for publishing open access.

Self-archiving in DiVA

If you have published in a traditional, subscription-based journal, you can also publish a copy in DiVA. This is called self-archiving and makes the publication freely available. An increasing number of research funding agencies require research results to be made freely available (open access). Publishing in DiVA can be a way to meet this requirement.

Read more on the page DiVA - Publish and Register

Publishing of journals and conference volumes in LnuOpen

Do you want to start a journal or publish a conference publication? As a researcher at Linnaeus University, you can publish and manage journals and conference publications in LnuOpen, free of charge. The publications will be freely available and searchable in, for example, Google. LnuOpen is based on the open source software Open Journal Systems - OJS.

Read more on the page LnuOpen

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