Checklist for Dissertations, outside the University series

Publication of PhD dissertations defended at Linnaeus University can also be made outside of the Linnaeus University Dissertations series. The guidelines below will be in force in these cases.


As soon as you have received a date for the public defence and have a finished abstract, you should register your dissertation in Linnaeus University's electronic archive, DiVA. Registration must be done by the official notification at the latest (mandatory). You will also have the opportunity to publish a full text version electronically in DiVA. Check with your publisher to get to know their viewpoint regarding this.

Production and printing

The author is responsible for production and printing, possibly together with an external publisher. The cost for production and printing costs is paid by the department and/or external publisher.

Affiliation to Linnaeus University

It should be clearly stated that the book is presented as a PhD dissertation at Linnaeus University. For example, the following text could be included in the printer's imprint for all dissertations published outside of the Linnaeus University Dissertations series: "PhD Dissertation Presented in Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in [subject] at Linnaeus University + date + year".

Notification of public defence

PhD dissertations and public defences outside the Linnaeus University Dissertation series should also be notified. Contact Lnu Press for production of the notification sheet (spikblad).

The notification (spikning) should take place at least three weeks before the public defence. Notification is to be made in Kalmar or Växjö and electronically (DiVA).

Editions and distribution

10 copies of the printed dissertation should go to Lnu Press who are responsible for the dispatch of copies to university libraries, archivist etc. It is up to the department to distribute copies to the faculty opponent and examining committee. The distribution of Legal Copies is the printer's responsibility. Copies for distribution must be available at the time of notification, at least 3 term weeks prior to the public defence. The production and printing will be paid for by the department.


Questions regarding the production of PhD dissertations outside of the Linnaeus University Dissertations series are answered by

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