Checklist for Licentiate Theses, outside the series

Production and publication of licentiate theses defended at Linnaeus University can also be made outside Linnaeus University Press. In these cases please follow the guidelines below.


As soon as the date for the licentiate seminar is set and a finished abstract is available, the thesis can be registered in Linnaeus University's electronic archive, DiVA. Registration should be made in connection to the seminar (this is compulsory). We strongly recommend all authors to also publish the full text of the thesis in DiVA.

Affiliation to Linnaeus University

It should be clearly stated that the book is presented as a licentiate thesis at Linnaeus University. For example, the following text can be included in the printer's imprint: "Licentiate dissertation presented in fulfillment of the requirements for licentiate degree in [subject] at Linnaeus University + date + year".

Edition and distribution

The edition is decided by the department, 5 printed copies go to Lnu Press for internal distribution. The distribution of Legal Copies is the printer's responsibility


Questions regarding the production of licentiate theses are answered by

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