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Information about products for Mac laptops and desktops.

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Delivery time

Delivery time on Mac varies depending on whether the product is in stock at the supplier or if it must be manufactured to order.


1 year warranty included on all MacBooks.

If the equipment has warranty

If IT support detects something wrong with the Mac within the warranty period, we will send it for troubleshooting / repair.

No warranty

IT support can make suggestions on the solution depending on the equipment involved and the fault that is intended.

Good to know when purchasing a Mac

  • User training for Mac is not provided by the IT department.
  • Some programs and services do not work on Macs, such as the Primula client, the Agresso client, ArcGIS, Microsoft Visio.
  • To run Windows applications on Mac, a virtual Windows installation is required.
    This is not something we at the IT department recommend as it involves additional costs for licenses and more support.
  • We do not offer docking stations for MacBooks
  • Please note that no orders may be placed through the Apple Store.


Please note that we do not offer docking stations for MacBooks.

More information


Information about which applications are installed by default on Mac.

Report an error

If you experience problems with your Mac, you are welcome to contact IT support.