IT security at Linnaeus University

The IT security work at Linnaeus University aims to maintain the required levels of secrecy, correctness, integrity and accessibility of the university's information resources.

The term "information resources" refers to the actual information as well as the resources that are used to manage this information. This means that information and IT security involves more than just the protection of information systems. Other resources - not least people's ability - also play an important role in the concepts of information security and IT security.

In our information society, more information than ever before is processed, stored, communicated and copied. This places higher demands on the end users. A consequence for individuals is often that the boundaries between professional life and private life become blurred.

We work pro-actively to support all users in performing their tasks. This involves anything from advising users about sensible security measures to ensuring an appropriate level of security on our IT systems.

Incident Response Team (IRT)

IT security issues at Linnaeus University are handled by the IRT, where staff and students can get advice on specific issues regarding IT security.

The IRT is a multi-disciplinary team of IT technicians specialising in systems, networks, computer forensics and support, in close collaboration with other IT staff.

Among other things, the IRT is responsible for:

  • Processing internal and external cases concerning IT security
  • Providing recommendations to staff and students regarding IT security
  • Investigating reported IT security issues
  • Handle all their cases under secrecy.

Contact details

If you require advice or would like to report a specific IT security issue, you are welcome to contact IRT by sending an e-mail to