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Here you will find standard models for Macs. Contact IT support for advice.

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The delivery time on macs varies depending on whether the product is in stock at the supplier or if it has to be manufactured to order

! The prices below are approximate prices.
The price includes registration of the Mac in Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and a chemical tax based on the net weight of the product and is SEK 160 / kg, but with a maximum limit of 440 kr / product.

1 year warranty included on all Macbooks.

You can purchase an extended warranty that is valid for 3 years. This is called the Apple Protection Plan (APP). APP extends hardware warranty with submission service for 3 years. In consultation with the manager, each institution and department can decide whether to buy APP or not.

The cost of an extended warranty is between 1200 kr and 1900 kr, depending on the model.

Note that APP must be ordered in conjunction with ordering a new Mac, and thus cannot be ordered afterwards.

Contact IT support for advice

Good to know when purchasing a Mac

  • User training for Mac is not provided by the IT department.
  • Some programs and services do not work on Macs, such as the Primula client, the Agresso client, ArcGIS, Microsoft Visio.
  • To run Windows applications on a Mac, a virtual Windows installation; VMWare Fusion, is required. This is not something we recommend in the IT department, as it involves additional costs for licenses and more support.
  • We recommend not buying MacBook Air if you know you will need to use more demanding applications such as Adobe Acrobat Creative Cloud or similar.
  • We do not offer docking stations for Macbooks

Please note that no orders may be placed through the Apple Store.


For MacBook Pro and the new Macbook Air with Retina, adapters with usb-c are required

The following are the most frequent:

  • Multiport adapter USB-C-Digital-AV-HDMI (Apple), price ca 561 kr
    The USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter lets you connect a Macbook with a USB-c or Thunderbolt 3 port (usb-c) to an HDMI connection (such as an external monitor or projector that has an HDMI input) at the same time connects a standard USB device (ex USB memory) and a USB-c charging cable.

  • Network adapter USB-C (Belkin), price ca. 150 kr
    Only need to be ordered if you know you need to connect your Macbook to a fixed network with a network cable.
    If you only use Wi-Fi, this network adapter need not be ordered.
  • Please note that we do not offer docking stations for Macbooks.

If there is a need of other adapters or accessories, contact IT support

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More information

Here is information about which applications are installed by default on Mac.

Report an error
If you experience problems with your Mac, you are welcome to contact IT support.

If the equipmant has warranty
If IT support detects something wrong with the Mac within the warranty period, we will send it for troubleshooting / repair.

No warranty
IT support can make suggestions on the solution depending on the equipment involved and the fault that is intended.