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Here you will find standard models for PCs. Contact IT support for advice.

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NOTE! The prices below are approximate prices.
The approximate prices for pc's include a chemical tax based on the net weight of the product and is at SEK 160 / kg, but with a maximum limit of 440 kr / product.

The prices include 3 years of support and service on site the next working day.


General information about laptops

  • The delivery time of Latitude 7310 13 "and 7410 14" is about 2-3 weeks

  • Dell's latest models Latitude 7310 13 "and Latitude 7410 14" have no network port/socket.
    Will your computer be connected to Lnu's wired network / or other wired networks, then there are alternatives to supplement with Accell network adapter or Dell docking station.
    If you use your computer on a network outside Lnu and need a wired / wired network then you need to use the Accell network adapter which is plugged into one of the computer's USB sockets.

  • Docking station?
    If you have a laptop today that is older than the Latitude 7x80 model series and you have a docking station for it, the current docking station will not work with the new computer
    See more under Docking stations and Docking station options below.

  • Mobile Broadband?
    All laptops can be ordered with the option of using mobile broadband (so-called W-WAN). Please note that this must be stated when ordering the computer and cannot be added afterwards!
    This means that the delivery time will be about 2 weeks longer than stated above as the computer is no longer a model in stock.

    If you order with mobile broadband then an extra data sim card must also be ordered for its LNU mobilephone subscription and this is done at InfoCenter.
    The cost of an extra data sim card is about SEK 15 / month.


Desktop computers

General information about desktop computers
The modells Optiplex 7480 All-In-One and Optiplex 7080 SFF are not stocked at Dell and thus have a slightly longer delivery time, about 3-4 weeks.

More information

Here is information about which programs are installed by default on PC (Windows).

Report errors
If you experience problems with your Dell computer, you are welcome to contact IT support.
All Dell computers have a 3-year warranty.

If the equipment has warranty
If IT support detects a malfunction of the computer within the warranty period, the product is reported to Dell and they send out techniques to us that will repair it on-site with us (the computer is submitted to IT-support)

No warranty
IT-support can make suggestions on the solution depending on the equipment involved and the fault that is intended.