Avoid plagiarism

 Educate students about plagiarism

Unintentional plagiarism can often be avoided through educating students. Refero  http://refero.lnu.se/english/ is an online tutorial that has been developed for this particular purpose. However, it is essential to not simply refer students to the tutorial but to also make sure that they also have the opportunity to discuss plagiarism in class. Frequently asked questions are: what is considered common knowledge in the course they are currently attending, what is regarded as plagiarism, or how to cite if they are basing a long section of text on information from a single source.

A quiz has been developed as an added feature to the Refero tutorial. The purpose of the quiz is to test students’ knowledge after they have gone through the tutorial. The quiz is constructed for implementation in MyMoodle. Contact your faculty’s ICT Educational Developer or place an order with the IT department if you would like your students to do the quiz.

If you have questions about the quiz, contact the Academic Skills Centre. https://lnu.se/en/library/Writing-and-referencing/academic-skills-centre/

Practice academic writing

Even students who have been informed about plagiarism often feel very insecure when it comes to integrating the work of others into their own text. Therefore it is important that students are given the opportunity to practice under circumstances where they can feel safe and not be subject to disciplinary measures if they make mistakes. Learning to write academically is a process that takes practice and time.

The Academic Skills Centre offers both lectures and tutoring sessions on academic writing with a focus on subjects such as the structure of an academic paper, referencing and plagiarism.

Anti-plagiarism system

Ouriginal is the plagiarism detection system currently used by Linnaeus University teaching staff. In order to use Ouriginal you have to have an account which is provided by Learning Environment.

Read more about how to get, and use, Ouriginal

Further reading

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Pecorari, Diane (2013). Teaching to Avoid Plagiarism: How to Promote Good Source Use. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

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