Course compendium regulations

On this page you will find information about regulations concerning the production of course compendiums using printed or electronic resources. By course compendium is meant a collection of material, such as articles or excerpts from books, intended for students of a particular course. You are welcome to contact your subject librarian if you have any questions.

Copying and printing for students

As a supplement to published mandatory course literature, teaching staff and students are allowed to copy or print from copyright protected material in accordance with an agreement with Bonus Copyright Access. You are allowed to reproduce material from the internet, e-publications, the press, textbooks, specialist literature, academic journals and other published resources. The agreement allows the right to copy and distribute Swedish and foreign published works. For further information, see the brochure Guide to Reproduction at Higher Education Institutions from Bonus Copyright Access.

If you wish to copy more than is stated in the agreement, you must obtain the permission of the copyright owner. Application for permission to copy more than is stated in the agreement and further information on the agreement can be found at Bonus Copyright Access.

Licensed material

Certain rules apply to course compendiums based on electronic resources subscribed to by the University Library.

  • You are allowed to produce an electronic compendium consisting of material such as articles and excerpts from books, and upload it to an online learning platform. Electronic compendiums should preferably be made by compiling references with links to full-text documents (link to the page Linking to databases, articles, e-books and videos) instead of uploading PDF files.
  • You are also allowed to print the material and make paper compendiums. These may be distributed or sold to students as long as they are sold without profit and only to students of a particular course.

The list below shows suppliers that allow the production of course compendiums. Both paper and electronic compendiums are referred to, unless stated otherwise.

Special agreements

The following databases only allow electronic compendiums and only one article per compendium and term:

ATLA Religion Database
Business Source Premier
Film & Television Literature Index