Digital learning resources

Digital learning resources or texts about information searching, study skills or academic writing can be used as an alternative or a supplement to teaching. On this page we have collected useful resources from the University Library and other educational institutions that describe different aspects of information searching and academic writing.

Digital learning resources from the University Library

Among the University Library’s material at LnuPlay, you will find digital learning resources on subjects such as information searching, academic publications and academic writing. You can link to videos or upload them to classrooms in MyMoodle.

Many of our digital learning resources can be found on our external website. In the menu Search and evaluate you will find information about different types of sources and the information resources that the University Library provides access to, along with search tips and advice on evaluating information.

In the menu Writing and referencing, students can find advice about academic writing and study skills. The page about referencing includes guides to the most common referencing systems. The Academic writing pages provide information and material about academic language, the structure of academic texts, and the writing process.

Refero is an anti-plagiarism tutorial that has been created by Linnaeus University in cooperation with BTH. The tutorial contains information about referencing in different disciplines, illustrated with text examples. It also contains tips and advice on how to avoid plagiarism. Refero also has a quiz that is integrated in MyMoodle. Contact your faculty’s ICT Educational Developer for help with uploading the quiz to your classroom.

Other digital resources

MOOC “Academic Information Seeking”

This course has been created by the University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark and introduces the basic elements of academic information seeking. It goes through the entire search process and presents strategies for evaluating and documenting search results.
Course website

MOOC “Writing in English at University”

Lund University offers an online course in academic writing in English. The course contains videos and optional exercises and covers the different stages of the writing process as well as peer review, the structure of academic texts and referencing. All videos are available on Youtube.

MOOC “Writing in English at University” by Lund University

Merlot (
International collection that contains peer reviewed material for higher education. You can contribute with your own resources as well as comment on and complement those of others.

MIT OpenCourseWare (
Lectures from MIT. You are allowed to link to or otherwise distribute the material as long as you cite the copyright owner correctly and follow the demands of the Creative commons license ( You cannot upload your own resources.

OER Commons (
Archive of free learning resources from all over the world.

Wikiversity (
Whole courses and separate learning resources that are uploaded by teachers on all levels from preschool to university. The content is reviewed by colleagues that are members of Wikiversity. You may cooperate on courses, as well as make comments or changes.

Youtube Edu ( and Academic Earth (

Other resources

AWELU – Academic Writing in English at Lund University


If you miss anything or have thoughts about digital learning resources that could be developed or produced by the University Library in order to complement our pages or our teaching, you are welcome to contact us.

For requests regarding information retrieval, evaluation of sources and information literacy, contact