Teaching and learning services

On this page you can read more about the teaching offered by the University Library and about the cooperation between the library and program or course coordinators.

Searching and evaluating information

Do your students have an assignment where they have to search and evaluate information independently? In that case you as a teacher can book a free workshop with us from the library. We offer three different workshop packages that enable progression. Together with you as a teacher, we discuss the form based on the students' needs.

The workshop packages aimed at students who are going to write an essay are based on the assumption that the students already have basic knowledge of information searching. It is therefore important to keep the students' prior knowledge in mind when submitting a booking request.

We also offer self-study guides as an alternative.

Booking form - information retrieval workshop

Other questions about university library teaching (not booking) 

Academic writing and study skills

The Academic Skills Centre (link to https://lnu.se/en/library/Writing-and-referencing/academic-skills-centre/) (ASC) offers teaching about academic writing in connection with independent work on various levels. The teaching can be adapted to suit the subject and the requirements of the assignment. A lecture about study skills can be given at the beginning of an academic program.

Examples of topics:

  • The structure, language and style of academic texts
  • Referencing and referencing programs
  • Planning your studies and effective reading strategies

Cooperation between the University Library and teaching staff

Students’ abilities to search for resources and to write academically are always developed in connection with subject studies. The library’s support is the most effective when the librarian or ASC staff and the course teacher cooperate on a well thought-out plan.

The University Library suggests that:

  • The course or program coordinator cooperates with the librarian or ASC staff to identify the courses where teaching is required the most.
  • The course coordinator informs the librarian or ASC staff of the students’ assignment and together they discuss suitable teaching content and teaching method.

Evaluation of the teaching sessions can be done by the University Library as well as in regular course evaluations. Feedback is important for the quality of our teaching.