Book and order premises

Difference on booking and ordering

University-shared premises are booked and ordered in the TimeEdit scheduling and reservation system. Some rooms can be booked by yourself, while other premises (mainly classrooms) must be ordered by the central local reservation.


Booking can be done at the faculty's own premises (please follow the booking process at the faculty) and partly by conference or video rooms. You can make the reservation yourself in TimeEdit, which you access via the link further down the page. Booking of open spaces is done via Event Request, which is available through the link below.


If you want a classroom, you can make an order in TimeEdit or through the special local order form that you will find at the bottom of this page. The order will be sent to the local booking, which will then notify you when the room is booked. When ordered, the room is not booked until Lokalbokningen has handled and approved the order, as someone else may have ordered the same premises at the same time. It is therefore important that you, after an order, enter your schedule to see which premises and times you have received.

Costs for public premises booked through central local reservation (Lokalbokningen)

The cost per hour for public premises includes local cost, cleaning costs, furnishings / equipment, local reservation staff, service and technical support. The current price list can be found at the bottom of the page.

Other costs that may be incurred: The cost of "brewing charges" upon connection is charged to the booker according to the principle of self-sufficiency.

The rent for the venue will be charged to your expense for the time you choose, based on the university billing rules. For further information, refer to the document Regler för bokning av allmänna lokaler samt gallerior/entréer (see below).


For questions, please contact Lokalbokningen:

Phone: 6140 (0480-44 61 40 if you call external), weekdays from 8-12


Event request
Technical support

Documents and forms

Prislista allmänna lokaler

Regler för bokning av allmänna lokaler samt gallerior/entréer

Order form for facilities