Error report

Information about making an error report

Error report during office hours

In order to make an error report concerning something in our facilities (furniture, furnishings, lighting, ventilation, doors, locks, water, drains, etc), please contact the janitors:


If urgent during office hours, please contact Infocenter at 0772-28 80
00 or 7146, in order to get help to get in touch with a janitor.

For technical support, please contact the IT office at 0772- 28 80 00 or 
Felanmälan IT.


Error report outside of office hours

Any acute error which needs to be addressed immediately in order to prevent damages to a person or property, please contact and report to the following numbers:

House Forma, Magna and Radix: 070-226 26 79
House Culmen, Stella and Vita: 072-217 90 60, 070-287 45 76. Between 16:00–07:00: 020-77 85 00

All buildings: 0470-247 73 or 0470-299 67