Here you will find information concerning education in fire and fire protection – Education plan, documentation from training sessions, and information about the fields used for exercises

Exercise fields in Kalmar and Växjö

Here you will find information on how to find your way to the fire brigade’s exercise field in Kalmar and the rescue service’s exercise field in Växjö, see addresses and coordinates below.

Directions to Kalmar Fire Brigade’s exercise field Ebbetorp
Address: Dokumentvägen 4
Coordinates: RT 90 X 6283720 Y 1528744
WGS Lat N 56° 40’ 47’’ Lon E 16° 16’ 27’’

Directions to the Rescue Service’s exercise field Nothemmet in Växjö
Address: Bergunda
Coordinates: RT 90 2.5 gon v,0:6303280.00 1435805.00

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