Information regarding sign policies at Linnaeus University and instructions on how to create your personal office sign.

Facility department are supporting when signs are needed at the university and is making sure the regulations (see link below) are being followed. 

If you have questions, please contact Facility department via e-mail:


Template for QR codes

General classrooms and group rooms are sign posted with names and a QR code with link direct to the booking schedule for the room. If you need to sign your own bookable premises, we recommend that you use the same template that is used for the public classrooms. The template is in A5 size and printing should be done on paper in at least 160 g/m2.


Print your own office sign

A common standard for office signs is regulated and everyone who has a staff account can print their individual sign or group sign with a specific appearance and dimensions according to the regulations.

Some office rooms have sign holders where the printout fits. For other offices, which do not have a sign holder, you can print the paper and put it up without a holder. Completion with sign holders according to the current sign regulations is taking place gradually in Växjö. In Kalmar it was completed at the move to Universitetkajen.

The program has been developed in collaboration between the Facility Department, the Communications Department and the IT Department.


Manual for personal office signs:

  • Link to program för creating office signs.
  • Sign in with you account (computer account)
  • Choose dezired sign size
  • Your personal information is collected. You may now change information if needed.
  • Are you more than one person in the office, you may add multiple person/persons (depending on the dezired sign size)
  • When finished, download PDF for printing and print on white paper.