In order to guarantee that the visual identity is maintained and that all common documents have the same appearance, a number of university-common templates are available for use. Some of these are letter template, meeting template, decision template, general document template, and PowerPoint template. The templates are available for both Mac and PC and in both Swedish and English.

The templates below are included in Linnaeus University’s template package that is installed on computers in computer rooms and lecture halls and can be installed also on staff computers.

If you are experiencing problems downloading, opening, or finding the templates, contact the IT office or read EN-Instruction-to-essay-and-other-templates-v220225.dotx.

The templates are automatically available and updated on personal computers with Microsoft 365. We recommend that you upgrade as soon as possible if you have older versions of Microsoft Office.

For the templates to work with older versions of Microsoft Office, you must first install the basic template and the template package on your Lnu computer. Install them by following the links below:

Install basic template and template package for Office (Windows)
Install basic template and template package for Office (Mac)

General document template

Template for shorter reports, suitable for both students and Linnaeus University’s staff. Provides cover sheet, table of contents, and correct typography. Use the format templates Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3 for headings and the format template Normal for body text. The table of contents must be updated when the text has been typed in.

Do not use this template for: degree projects, that is to say bachelor’s, 1-year and 2-year master’s theses. Then use the Essay template instead. For doctoral theses the Dissertation template should be used.

For shorter assignments, lab reports and the like, Linnaeus University’s basic template should include everything you need.

SV-Allmän-dokumentmall-v220223.dotx – Swedish
EN-General-document-template-v220225.dotx – English

Letter template

SV-Brevmall-v220223.dotx – Swedish
EN-Letter-template-v220223.dotx – English


SV-lnu-v240404.potx – Swedish
EN-lnu-v240410.potx – English


Template for meeting minutes

SV-Protokoll-v220225.dotx – Swedish
EN-Minutes-template-v220225.dotx – English


Template for decision document and missive

SV-Beslut-missiv-v220201.dotx – Swedish
EN-Decision-cover-letter-template-v221220.dotx – English

Template for doctoral thesis and licentiate thesis

Template for doctoral thesis and licentiate thesis are available for download from Linnaeus University Press.

Thesis templates

The template for bachelor’s, 1-year and 2-year master’s theses is called Essay template and is available on the computers in all computer rooms and at the University Library.

In case you are using your own computer, you find the template here:
SV-UppsatsSV-Uppsatsmall-v220530.dotx– Swedish
EN-Essay-template-v220530.dotx– English