About Staff

Staff are the name of our intranet. When you log in here, you can find information that is relevant to you. News from Linnaeus University or from your faculty. You can also join different groups that deal with what you are working on or what you have an interest in.

Some information about the parts that Staff consist of.


We distinguish between visible, hidden and mandatory groups. The group owner can add and remove people except in mandatory groups, where you can ask IT support for help adding them. It can be an HR partner or someone like that.


  • You make contributions in the groups you are part of and there will then be a notice for the group's members that something new is available to take part of.
  • You can write a post and enter a later date of publication.
  • You can also save a post to read it later.
  • Image management is done directly in the post and there you can decide which part of the image if not the whole one to appear in the feed.
  • As a group owner, you can write an anonymous post, which is needed in some contexts.
  • The group owner can also prioritize a post that is then marked with a pin.

Language management is facilitated. There will be space for Swedish and English text on the same editing page. Depending on which page you are on, the respective language is displayed. A language is mandatory and if you only enter in English, that text will be displayed in Swedish, to know that there is information and to be able to translate it yourself if you need it. 

Posts appear on the home page with the latest at the top. The exception is if any post is a priority. (marked with a pin) It should not be used more than necessary as it may cause you to miss new posts. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter where you get a summary of the latest so that you won't lose something important. (this setting is at the page "My settings") On the same page, you can also choose how many posts you want to see at a time. 

Shortcuts to tools

Under "My settings", select which digital tools you want in the header and/or under the menu selection "My tools". The head is the fast way and the menu selection can be accessed from all sides of Staff. 

Custom shortcuts

In the same way that you want to be close to the tools you use, you need to find certain other pages that you go to often. There is a selection of suggested shortcuts that you can choose from. Staff groups can have their own shortcuts that appear on those group pages. You can also add your own shortcuts. You can do this on the "My Settings" page. If there is any page on Staff you often go to, you can use "Save page as shortcut"  in the footer of that page.

News and events

We collect news and events from Lnu.se to Staff when something happens that also affects the majority of employees. For example, a larger conference that may affect other activities or be of public interest.


We are continuously working to improve the search tool. As we improve the large search, these improvements will also impact on Employees.

Some tips about the search:

  • You can filter what you searched for to narrow down your search e.g. "forum posts" Note that you only get hits from the forums you are a member of.
  • Sort your hits if you want to see the newest e.g.
  • If you still can't find it, try synonyms.


Ongoing disruptions will appear in a list that you can fold out to see. It will only appear if there are any ongoing disruptions. 

If you have questions about Staff, contact communications department .