FAQ - frequently asked questions regarding the 'Staff' intranet

How do I log in?

- Go to the page https://medarbetare.lnu.se. The login can be found in the top right corner. You log in with your Lnu staff account. This is the same as for example Webmail or Primula.

Do I need to be logged in to read information on the intranet?

- You will find all the information you need via the menu. If you are not logged in you will see news items in visible groups but you will not be able to comment or write postings yourself.

What is the difference between being logged in and not being logged in?

-When you are logged in you will be able to access your personal page and your chosen shortcuts as well as keeping up to date with what is happening in your groups. When you are logged in you will be able to create groups, write postings and write comments.

What is an mandatory group?

-An mandatory group is connected to your organisational affiliation. You are automatically a member of at least three groups, the Newsletter from Linnaeus University, Operating Information and the group for your department, section or unit.

What is a visible group?

- This means that everyone, even outside the university, can access news, postings and comments which are written in the group. We work in the public domain and the basic idea with 'Staff' is that what we do should be in the open as far as possible with so-called visible groups.

What is a hidden group?

- A hidden group means that what is written in the group can only be seen by members of the group; they are the only ones who can write in it. You must be invited to a hidden group to be able to access the information. NB Once you have been invited - before you have accepted the invitation- you can see what is written in the group.

How do you create a group?

- To create a group, you need to be logged in. You click on the Staff groups in the menu on the left. At the top it says 'create a new group' which you can name and describe yourself as well as choosing whether the group should be visible or hidden and who you can invite to participate in the group.

What is involved in being manager of a group?

- The person creating a group will automatically be the group responsible.
As the group responsible you can do more than 'ordinary members' in the group, such as

  • inviting new members
  • assigning roles such as who is responsible of the group
  • creating news in the group as the group's official voice. The group will be listed as the poster of the item
  • adding and editing group shortcuts.

How do I get to be a member of a hidden group?

-To be a member of a hidden group, you must be invited to join it; you will receive an invitation from the group responsible ie the person who has created the group. On the Staff groups page when you have logged in you will see a list of all the hidden groups and their group responsibles.

Can you remove a group?

- Yes, this is possible when the group has been inactive for a while or if information contained within the group has gone past its 'sell-by date'. It is necessary to make an assessment from case to case.

What is involved with personal shortcuts?

- You choose yourself which shortcuts will be visible on your start page. You can choose your shortcuts from a list with Lnu-related shortcuts. The advantage of choosing from the list is that when the address to the shortcut is updated, any changes made will be automatically included. In addition you will have the opportunity of including personal links when you write in which link addresses you want to have.

Group shortcuts?

-The group's shortcuts will be decided by the group responsible but you can decide yourself if you want to show your group's shortcuts on your start page.

Can anyone distribute information via Staff?

-The social part of the intranet is based on communication in groups. Everyone with a staff account and is logged in can write comments, add postings and create groups. The basic information which you can find in the menu is based on permanent webpages. The web master of your department, section or unit can help you add information to these pages.

Is there a 'sell-by' date for news items and postings to be added?

-No but all postings will be dated and the flow of new postings will direct the positioning of older postings so that they are moved downwards on the page.

Can I see links to Lnu.se from the groups?

- Yes, you can link to where you want.

If I want to make written contributions to the intranet, do I need to write in a group?

-The social part of the intranet is based on communication in groups. You will find basic information in the menu based on permanent webpages. Webmasters in your section, unit or department will help you publish information on these pages.

Can you upload files and documents to 'Staff'?

-You can attach files in connection with your postings of news items.

Who decides on membership of a group?

-In hidden groups, you need to be invited and you can then choose if you want to join or not. For visible groups (which are not mandatory), anyone can join.

Are the hidden groups visible in the information flow?

- Members of a hidden group get their news items and postings in their information flows. On the Staff groups (see link in the menu) you will be able to see a list when you are logged in relating to the hidden groups and the group managers who are logged in.

Is there a mobile app for 'Staff'?

-No, but the layout is in line with various formats such as ipads and cell phones.