Photographing Staff

Every semester we offer drop-in times for photographing staff. These times advertised on the intranet Staff.

In between one books time by contacting

The University has two photo studios in Växjö is the studio next to the Copy Center, H-house, in Kalmar the studio is in the basement of Falken.Pictures of the staff at should have a white background and be in color and high resolution. At least 3500 px on the shortest side. The person looking into the camera and has the upper body twisted slightly to his right side. You can download the images on your page and can freely use them for your own purposes eg to send to magazines and publishers. This provided the photographer is stated.

The photographer makes sure that the picture is published.

Pictures taken by other photographers than staff at the University shall have the photographers written permission for free publication allowing the university to use the image without restrictions. Images should also be taken in the manner specified above. These images shall be sent to the communications department for review along with written and signed consent.