Anders Persson being filmed while holding a lecture

Research communication

Research communication involves the communication of research to the wider community and is an important part of the university’s mission. To support you in this work, the Communications Office can help you in different ways.

By communicating research that is conducted at Linnaeus University, we can:

  • Set knowledge in motion and make sure that our research benefits society.
  • Increase awareness about us and in this way strengthen the picture of the university.
  • Open up for new collaborations with the industry and organisations.

Our support to you

Every researcher has a responsibility to communicate their research. This can be done, for instance, by taking part in the public debate, disseminating new research findings, giving open lectures, making sure that you and your projects are presented on, or establishing contacts with external parties.

In order to support our researchers in their communication, the Communications Office offers support within different areas. The basis for our work is to disseminate research in an accessible and inspiring way to target groups who are not experts on the subject.

Learn more about some of the research communication areas, what they involve and how we can support you.