Student recruitment

Linnaeus University’s overall work with student recruitment is led and coordinated by the Section for Student Recruitment and Student Communication at the Communications Office. We work with student recruitment both in Sweden and abroad.

Our focus is to make Linnaeus University’s trademark visible and to strengthen the image of an attractive higher education institution nationally as well as internationally, and to increase the interest for studying at Linnaeus University. We collaborate with the faculties and with other offices within the University Administration, to achieve as good results as possible from the work we do. All activities that we engage in are based on Linnaeus University’s overall vision, trademark and concept.

The student recruitment work is prioritised according to the following principles:

  • Common principles for prioritisation through the Council for Education and Learning (RUL)
  • Measures based on prioritisations from the Senior Management Team
  • Measures that strengthen Linnaeus University as a whole; processes and activities that comprise everyone are carried out at the overall level and strengthen Linnaeus University’s trademark
  • Productions with relatively long lifespan and broad area of use

On the following links you can take part of information abut how the Section for Student Recruitment and Student Communication works with student recruitment and what you as programme/course coordinator or faculty employee can do to benefit the student recruitment to the courses and programmes at your faculty.

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Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions relating to student recruitment.


If you have any further questions or would like to give us feedback on our work with student recruitment, please contact the Section for Student Recruitment and Student Communication on