National student recruitment

A majority of the student recruiting activities that the Section for Student Recruitment and Student Communication works with strengthen Linnaeus University as a whole, and its trademark, comprises all courses and programmes and is carried out at an overall level.

Even though the main focus is on overall measures, we also work with supplementary activities for the programmes/disciplinary domains that have been prioritised by the Council for Education and learning for each respective admission round. We also carry out certain activities at programme level for non-prioritised programmes.

The section works with student recruiting measures within different areas. Each area has one person who is responsible for the planning and implementation of activities linked to that specific area, and this is established in the overall communication plan for each recruitment year.

We adapt our choice of channel and content based on the target group. Activities are also carried out in relation to a prospective student’s journey from creating awareness to getting him/her to apply.


If you have any further questions or would like to give us feedback on our work with student recruitment, please contact the Section for Student Recruitment and Student Communication on