What can I do to help recruit students

In order for us to succeed in filling our courses and programmes with motivated and committed students, we must all take joint responsibility for communicating Linnaeus University’s courses and programmes. There are many areas in which you as a programme/course coordinator or other faculty employee can contribute to promote the student recruitment to your courses and programmes.

Search optimisation

All courses and programmes that are offered at Linnaeus University have a web page on Lnu.se. The faculties are responsible for producing programme and course names as well as programme and course descriptions. These texts are important from a search engine optimisation perspective, where the goal is to be presented among the top search hits on Google, antagning.se, universityadmissions.se, Lnu.se, and other search engine services.

Free text words on antagning.se and universityadmissions.se

Antagning.se and universityadmissions.se are important channels for prospective students as that is where they submit their application. Therefore, it is important that all courses and programmes work with their free text words before each admission round. The right free text words affect the listing of the programme/course on these portals at free text searches.

Take part at our student recruiting events

Every autumn, the Communications Office arranges A day at the university in Kalmar and every spring Information Day is arranged in Växjö. Each of these events are visited by roughly 1,000 prospective students. By signing up for an information/inspiration session for your programme, you have a really good opportunity to recruit students. It can also beneficial to join forces with other similar programmes that focus on the same target groups to avoid internal competition over the prospective students’ possibility to attend the sessions.

We always send out invitations well in advance before the events. Keep an eye open on Staff.

Inform your students about student ambassador assignments

Our students are very important in our recruitment work and it is valuable for prospective students to get the opportunity to meet current students. Therefore, the Communications Office works with student ambassadors. You can be of help here by informing your students about this assignment and by informing the Communications Office about students who you think would be good representatives for your programme/your faculty’s programmes.

Provide good and clear welcome information to admitted students

Welcome information is important in order for us not to lose students who have been admitted to studies with us. The purpose of the welcome information is to make our students feel welcome, to strengthen the image of Linnaeus University and to give our students a secure and well-informed start to the studies.

The Communications Office is responsible for the central welcome information, while the faculties/Board of Teacher Education are responsible for the faculty-specific welcome information.

By producing and making available informative and welcoming information, you give your students a good start and reduce the risk of dropouts.


If you have any further questions or would like to give us feedback on our work with student recruitment, please contact the Section for Student Recruitment and Student Communication on