Translation and proofreading

Linnaeus University’s language resource

Since January 2022, we have a Swedish-English language resource at the Communications Office, consisting of Johannes Rydström and Helena Frännhag. We translate and proofread Swedish and English texts as follows:


  • permanent pages on the external as well as the internal web
  • press releases and news for the external as well as the internal web
  • calendar updates/events
  • the senior management blog and the vice-chancellor’s blog
  • promotional material and catalogues/brochures
  • student communication
  • texts for social media


  • policy and governing documents
  • agreements and agreement templates
  • course and programme syllabuses
  • vacancy announcements and recruitment profiles
  • annual reports
  • staff surveys

We also take on other kinds of text according to agreement. As a general rule, we do not take on requests from individual researchers, nor requests involving languages other than Swedish and/or English. For this, you should instead turn to one of the university’s external providers – for further information, see “External providers” below.

Ordering and pricing

If you want to order a service from the language resource, you send an email either to Johannes ( or Helena ( The email should include the following information:

  • which kind of service you are interested in (translation and/or proofreading)
  • total number of words
  • deadline for the finished product.

As for pricing, the language resource is included in the Communications Office’s general service to the university – that is, there is no fee for our services!

About us

Johannes Rydström
I have studied political science, English, and a 60-credit master’s in non-fiction translation at Linnaeus University. I have worked at Linnaeus University since I graduated in 2011, and at the Communications Office since 2013. I work 50–60 percent with translation and proofreading as part of the new language resource; in addition to this, I also work with photography, image editing, social media, and other communication and web-editing work.

Helena Frännhag
I have studied languages (mainly English and Swedish) and linguistics at Lund University. I received my PhD in English linguistics in 2010 and was employed as a senior lecturer at Linnaeus University at about the same time. During my time as a senior lecturer, I was highly engaged in Linnaeus University’s 60-credit master’s programme in non-fiction translation – as a teacher as well as a supervisor of degree projects in translation. In January 2020, I left my duties as a senior lecturer to focus instead on translation and proofreading for above all the university administration and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Since January 2022, I work 50 percent with the new language resource.  

Swedish-English resources

Note that the Communications Office provides a Swedish-English list of names, job titles etc. that we use at Linnaeus University. You find the list here. We have also compiled a document describing how we should write in English at Linnaeus University, this can be found here. Another more general resource of this kind is UHR’s Swedish-English dictionary for higher education.

External providers

Language and translation services that cannot be ordered from the Communications Office’s language resource should be purchased from the providers that are listed in the framework agreement that Kammarkollegiet has procured on behalf of Swedish authorities.

If you are to order an extensive proofreading or translation and the text contains a large number of technical terms, or is complex in some other way, we recommend that you ask for a test translation of one or two pages of the text, in connection with requesting a quotation for the full text. In this way, you can make sure that you are satisfied with the quality of the translation before placing a larger order. There have been cases when the translations delivered to us have not lived up to the level of quality expected. If you are satisfied with the test translation, you should request the same translator for the full text, in your subsequent order.

Ranked framework agreement, translation to and from English and proofreading of English texts

Semantix Eqvator AB

Space 360 AB

CBG Konsult & Information Aktiebolag

Ranked framework agreement, translation to and from other languages

Semantix Eqvator AB

Space 360 AB

AAR Translator AB

Järva Tolk och översättningsservice AB

Proofreading Swedish

CBG Konsult & Information AB

Språkkonsulterna Prodicta AB

Expressiva AB

Delivery time

The agreed delivery time for translation services is 5–10 working days, depending on the length of the text. Express delivery can be ordered for translations to and from English with a delivery time of between 1 and 5 working days, depending on the length of the text. For express deliveries an additional 50 percent will be added to the cost.


In order to get a good result you must place a good order.

  1. Download the call-off form that you find under the heading "Call-off forms" at the bottom of this page (only available in Swedish).
  2. Fill out the call-off form.
  3. Send the form to the supplier you are going to use, normally the supplier that is listed as number one in the agreement. You will find contact information for the different suppliers on the links to the respective suppliers above.

If a provider is unable to deliver, you send your form to the next one on the list.

If none of the ranked providers can deliver the service you are requesting, direct procurement can be carried out.

When placing an order for a translation into English, do not forget to state that we use British English at Linnaeus University. If your text contains names, functional titles etc. that we use at Linnaeus University, you should refer to the Communications Office’s official list, which you find here.

Call-off forms (only available in Swedish)