Good looking man dressed in university merchandises

University merchandise

Today, we offer as sustainable a range of university merchandises as possible with organic, Nordic Ecolabelled and Fairtrade-certified clothing, recycled materials and products that will last longer. We also love the locally produced.

University merchandises are sold to staff and students, but also to external customers in the Linnaeus University stores in Kalmar and Växjö located at the info centers.

Merchandise online shop

In addition to our stores, all employees can order university merchandises online (Swedish only at this point). The first time you place an order, you need to create an account with your You do this by filling in your information in this form, select Ärende: Inloggning/Nytt konto.

The merchandise shop is run by our supplier Kontorab, which usually responds the same day, but within 24-48 hours at the latest.

Sale on outgoing products

In our physical stores in Kalmar and Växjö, you can do bargains among our outgoing products.

Our merchandises

University merchandises are used for brand-building purposes, primarily in connection with promotional activities in connection with student recruitment at the university, in other contacts between the university and the outside world, as well as gifts or gifts at events.

University merchandises include all products that have the university's logo and/or symbol applied somewhere. The need for merchandises at Linnaeus University is defined in five main categories: profile goods (give aways), gifts, profile clothes and consumables, such as calendars.

All university-wide purchasing of profile products is handled by the Communications Department. If you have any comments or questions about the range of the university merchandises, you can send an email to

Framework agreement

Linnaeus University has entered into a framework agreement with the supplier Kontorab AB. Contact person: Per Rundgren, 011–440 15 03.