About Staff

Welcome to the “new” Staff! We have updated Staff with a number of features. You can read more about these here.

What will you notice?

The first thing you may notice is the look – Staff now looks more like Lnu.se. This also means that we can give pages a better structure and that they become more vivid, with new opportunities. All groups and posts have been transferred from the previous version, but not pictures and documents.

  • Groups
  • Posts
  • Shortcuts to tools
  • Own shortcuts
  • News and events
  • Search
  • Disruptions
  • Personalisation


We will continue to distinguish between visible, hidden and compulsory groups. From now on, the group owner can add and remove people even in compulsory groups, such as a contact librarian, HR partner or communication support.

Another new feature is that you can turn a visible group into hidden (but not the opposite).


  • You may now write a post and enter a later date for publication.
  • You can also save a post to read it later.
  • The image management is much better.
  • As a group owner you can write an anonymous post, which is desired in some contexts.
  • The group owner can also prioritise a post, which then will be marked with a pushpin.

The language management is facilitated. There will be space for Swedish and English texts on the same editing page. Depending on which page you are on, each language is displayed. One language is compulsory and if you only enter a text in English, that text will be displayed on the Swedish page as well, so that you know that there is information and are able to translate it yourself if you need to.

Shortcuts to tools

Previously, the links to the tools Book room, Box, MyMoodle, Primula, Service portal and Webmail were not possible to change. That is, you couldn't control the shortcuts there.

Under "My settings", you may now select which digital tools you want in the page header and/or under the menu option "My tools". The page header is the fast route, while you can access the menu selection from all pages at Staff. By digital tools we mean web applications.

Own shortcuts

Just as you want the tools you use close at hand, you like to find other pages that you often go to. As before, there is a selection of suggested shortcuts to choose from. Staff groups may have their own shortcuts displayed on their pages. You can also add your own shortcuts, which is done on the "My settings" page.

News and events

We will fetch news and events from Lnu.se to Staff when something happens that also affects the majority of the membrs of staff. One example is a larger conference that could affect other activities.


We are constantly working to improve the search tool. When we improve the "large" search tool, these improvements will also be reflected at Staff.

The members of a hidden group should now get hits on posts in that group, something that has not been possible before. Features like categories and filtering become clearer and better.


Operational messenges will appear in a list that you can expand to view. It is only displayed if there are any operational disturbances.


In order to see your groups, we have had to link content to you. This feature is called visitor groups and we can now use it for other content as well. Does your faculty have their own calendar? Then we can show it on the start page just for you.

Along with allowing you to choose your own shortcuts and digital tools, we now have a much more personalised internal website. If you have any questions about this feature, please contact the Communications Office.