Surveys and Course evaluation

Survey & Report is the survey system that can be used by staff at Linnaeus University for both research surveys and other types of surveys. The system has also been developed to be used for automated course evaluations.


Survey & Report is a powerful and multilingual survey system. After being procured by Sunet, it is also used at many other Swedish universities, often under the name Sunet Survey. The system is widely used by us at LNU for e.g. large research surveys, evaluations, application forms and the majority of LNU's course evaluations, etc.

Linnaeus University has together with Artisan, the company behind Survey & Report, developed a tailored solution for automated course evaluations at the university. Read more about the automation of course valuations here.

A selection of the features in Survey & Report

  • Distribution of surveys can be done via e.g. email, link or QR code.
  • The reports with the survey responses can be published or exported to PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint or SPSS.
  • Public surveys, accessible to all or respondent surveys where only those you invite can answer it.
  • Completely anonymous surveys or completely open so it can serve as a registration form for example.
  • Conditional questions with logic and so-called piping, to create surveys that adapt to the respondent's answers.
  • Possibility to have several different languages ​​in the same survey, the respondent can either choose the language or if the respondents' language is known, the link can lead directly to the correct language version.

Students do not normally have access to Survey & Report, as support for the system cannot be offered to students today. Students are advised to use other tools on the web, such as Google Forms, which students have access to through their student email. In individual cases, students can be given access to Survey & Report e.g. if the ethics committee sees a need for a system that can protect the respondents' information.


On the Service Portal, you will find a quick start guide for Survey & Report and other help articles. Inside Survey & Report there is a detailed manual that describes the system's functions and there is also a video guide on how to create surveys. If you want help or support in Survey & Report, you can also turn to the ICT educators at your faculty. If you encounter a problem or something that seems to be wrong, send your case to:

If you want help or support when creating a survey in Survey & Report, you can turn to the ICT educators at your faculty. If you encounter problems or something that seems to be wrong, send your case to:

The University Library is responsible for the administration of Survey & Report.