Course evaluation and surveys

Survey & Report is an intuitive and multi-language system for staff who want to create course evaluations, research surveys and other surveys.

Distribution is done via email or link, and you choose if you want the survey to be public - accessible to all - or a so-called respondent survey, which can only be answered by those you invite to participate in the survey. You can also use handed out paper surveys, or combinations of the two.

With just a few steps you can create customized reports that are updated as the respondents answer the questionnaire. The reports can be published easily in the LMS or exported to PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and SPSS (Statistical Program). 

During the spring 2015, a connection to students' information on were implemented, so that they get individual reminders about pending course evaluations when the course evaluation survey is made as a respondent survey.

In 2015 the relaunch of automation work for course evaluations began. The work is led by the Learning Environment group (at UB) which manages Survey & Report according to the PM3 model. Representatives from all faculties are involved in the specification of requirements and to examine proposed solutions from Artisan (supplier of Survey & Report).

The University has signed an agreement with SUNET for the period 2013 - summer of 2019. This agreement allows the university to give access for all employees to Survey & Report.

Students do not have access to the tool, instead they are recommended to use other tools on the Web, such as Google Forms. Please note that LNU provides no support for outside tools.

The University Library is the business manager responsible for Survey & Report.

Support and contact:  See the list of faculties specialists and the IT-department