Disciplinary cases

Along with disruptive behavior and harassment, disciplinary cases deal with what we casually speak about as cheating, i.e. plagiarism, inadmissible aids and unauthorized cooperation. On this page, you can read about how to report a student to the disciplinary committee and how a report is then processed.

Disciplinary cases are handled by the Disciplinary Board at Linnaeus University, the Board is led by the Vice-Chancellor. On this website you will find information on what you need to do to report a student to the Disciplinary Board and also how the Board handles your report.

How to report a disciplinary case

If you, as a teacher/examiner, finds that there is a well-grounded suspicion that a student has cheated, has had a disruptive behavior, or has harassed someone this should be reported to the Vice-Chancellor promptly. Formally, the Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the investigation of the report. A specific form should be used to report the case, you can find it further down on this page. Below you can also find information about what documentation that needs to be attached to the report, depending on the suspected offence that is being reported.