Video conferencing

Video conferencing is a great way to meet up without having to travel. Your work time will become more effective and there will be benefits for the environment while at the same time you will be saving money.

In video conferencing, you communicate by sound and video link. You can also use a document camera to show pictures / objects or computer to show PowerPoint or films on DVD/CD. Video conferencing can be used for meetings, seminars, lectures, courses and interviews etc both within Sweden and with international organisations.

There are some 40 separate video conferencing facilities at LNU; most of these make use of HD quality.

Centrally administered studios can be booked using the TimeEdit facility or via room booking. Other studios can be booked through staff contacts at each school / department. For meetings within Linnaeus University (ie involving the Kalmar and Växjö geographical centres), it is a good idea to book both studios at the same time.

FAQ about video conferencing at Lnu

List of video conference rooms in Kalmar and Växjö

For help in finding available studios in Sweden or abroad, contact the IT Office.