Effective webinars

How can you create interactive and engaging webinars even with large groups? 

How can you create discussion before and after the webinar so that all participants can have their say?

A webinar is an interactive synchronous meeting with many participants, sometimes hundreds. Often webinars are simply lectures with very limited interaction. Platforms like Zoom offer a wide range of communicative opportunities and we can help you find the right form and structure for a successful webinar. We have many years' experience of organising and running webinars as well as a wide national and international contact network. Together with the Communication department we would like to create a clear Lnu profile for our larger webinars and even online conferences.

Why do we offer this service?

  • Offer sustainable solutions for meetings and conferences
  • Create a clear, quality assured process: from concept, planning and invitation/marketing to running the event plus follow-up.
  • Choose right communication form - is it a webcast or webinar, will there be group discussions and so on.
  • Coaching and training the organiser/user
  • Run effective webinars based on aims and target group
    - Create interaction
    - Creative solutions
  • Help to find the right tools: webinar room or regular Zoom room.

If you would like to get started or simply discuss options, please contact: 

Alastair Creelman, Section for Higher Education Development