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Zoom webinars and Zoom Events

If you want to create a virtual or hybrid conference or larger webinar there are two types of licenses to use for this; Zoom Webinars and Zoom Events.

Zoom has special licenses to handle larger meetings and conferences where a normal Zoom Meeting is not enough.

Zoom Webinar is a way to create larger events where the participants can watch and listen and interact with the hosts via chat. The chat can be moderated if so desired, and become a Q&A that is handled by a team member in the background. You can invite panelists to speak during your event and use registration, polls and surveys.

You already have a license for Webinar 500 (max 500 participants) and can order a license for 1000 to 10 000 participants (for a cost).

Zoom Events is a full event platform to create more interactive events that may span over several days and contain multiple tracks. Registration, ticket sales, participant lobby, interactive exhibit "floor" with booths and much more. There are licenses spanning from 500 to 3000 participants.

How to order licenses

Zoom Events and Zoom Webinar (for more than 500 participants) can be ordered by staff at Linnaeus University. A person in charge must send a letter to stating type of licens (webinar or event) and its size. Also name the account for the license to be associated with and which organisation account to charge for the license.

A license can be moved between staff accounts as needed given that no upcoming event is scheduled for the person currently holding the license. Notify utbildningsmiljö (Learning Environment) if you need to move the license.

For current prices and terms, see the SUNET price list here:

Please note  that not all licenses can be ordered for just one month (only the bigger ones). Usually it is an annual license that comes with a monthly fee.