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Budget and Forecast

The budget is a compilation of the operational planning expressed in figures. It forms the basis for the follow-up of the financial outcome for Linnaeus University.


Linnaeus University's strategy shows how we should work in the spirit of the vision;
We set knowledge in motion for sustainable social development. 
The planning work for each new financial year is based on the vision and strategy.

In February, the University Board will decide on the University's budget for the next three years. This decision is the starting point for the continued budget work. In June each year, the University Board decides on the Operational Plan and financial framework for the coming financial year. The document provides the conditions for the operational plans and budgets that faculties, the Board of Teacher Education, the University Administration and the University Library will produce during the autumn.

At the beginning of the autumn, the conditions will be supplemented by what is proposed in the Government's budget proposal and other planning factors that were not known in June.

In November, all budget proposals must be ready and a decision on the overall budget for Linnaeus University will be made by the Vice-Chancellor in December.