Prior to the public defence

As early as possible

  • Contact Linnaeus University Press (Lnu Press) for an outline/template for the dissertation. In monographs, the whole text should be included in the outline/template; in compilation dissertations only the extended summary (kappa) should be included, together with full versions of pdf files from the original articles.

Approximately 4 months before the defence

  • Scrutiny of the dissertation where a decision is made as to whether or not the dissertation fulfils the requirements as stated in the general syllabus
  • Check information in Ladok
  • Request permission from publishers to copy articles which have already been published (this applies to compilation dissertations which include published articles).

2 months before the defence

  • Notification with regards to the public defence should be made to the faculty board concerned via the faculty office. The notification should have been received at latest two months before the proposed date of the public defence. Notification is made via the form Anmälan om disputation.

Approximately 4 weeks before the defence

  • E-mail a summary (maximum one A4 page) of the thesis to the research communication officers. In the summary, you should briefly describe your research area and report on the main findings and how they can be applied. The communications department makes a news evaluation and may then write a news item draft that you may approve.

3 weeks before the defence

  • the dissertation will be notified at least three weeks before the public defence, in Kalmar or Växjö and electronically through registration in DiVA. Each department is responsible for the arrangement of the notification. The PhD student is responsible for the registration in DiVA. Contact Lnu Press to get the print file in pdf format for full text publishing in DiVA. For compilation dissertations, publish the kappa only, link to the included articles.
  • send the dissertation to the faculty opponent, chairman of the examining committee and other members of the examining committee
  • 15 copies of the dissertation to Lnu Press for exchange dispatch via the standard list (in Kalmar the dispatch is handled by Viveka Svensson, University Library).

Day of public defence

  • public defence of dissertation

Following the public defence

  • application for degree certificate once all requirements are fullfilled and reported in Ladok. Form for application to receive the degree certificate for doctorate can be obtained from the Degree Administration Department, alternatively downloaded from the University’s website. Having recieved confirmation of the degree certificate for doctorate is required to receive your PhD at the Linnaeus University Academic Ceremony. Please note that you have to apply for the degree by Nov 30th  to be able to participate in next year's Academic Ceremony. Further information about the Academic Ceremony.