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Info Center

Info Center is one of the university’s hubs to which students, visitors and members of staff can turn for information and service.

We can help you with this

You are always welcome to Info center for general information and service, directions and guidance on whom to contact within the organisation. In our store we sell profile products, office supplies and course compendiums. At Växjö’s Info Center you will also find Copy Center.

New employees collect any ordered keys at Info Center. You can also collect your swipe card at Info Center if you have stated this as delivery address when ordering the card. We take care of lost valuables that people have found and handed in to us. In Växjö, you can collect your key when you rent a car or want to rent one of the university’s guest apartments.

Info Center receives and administrates telephony orders. Orders are places through a special order form. When you are to collect an ordered mobile phone, you do this at Info Center. We help you get started using the university’s new telephony solution, for instance through the app Touchpoint Plus and Touchpoint Plus softphone. Learn more under the link Telephony below.

Together with the Communications Office, we work with Linnémöten, the idea of which is to offer you professional support with planning and implementation of conferences and events and to strengthen Linnaeus University’s brand.

Where you will find us

Kalmar: Building Stella at Universitetskajen.
Opening hours are Monday–Friday 08:00–16:00.

Växjö: Main entrance building H.
Opening hours are Monday–Friday 08:00–16:00.

Contact us

0772-28 80 00 (Monday–Friday 08:00–16:00)
Connection 7146

Contact form (only in Swedish)

Learn more about

Telephony (only in Swedish)
Keys/swipe card
Copy Center (only in Swedish)
Office of Facilities Management and Services