Erasmus + International Credit Mobility

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM)

Within the Erasmus+ programme, you can apply for project funding for International Credit Mobility, i.e. bilateral mobility between programme countries (countries within the Erasmus+ network) and partner countries (rest of the world). It is possible to apply for studies and internships at all levels, teaching assignments and staff training, as well as scholarships for incoming and outgoing students and staff. The number of scholarships are limited and the different partner regions have their own budget. The programme is administrated by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (Universitets- och Högskoleområdet). The application will be coordinated at university level based on project applications from the faculties.

For additional information about Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, please contact Camilla Lundqvist at the office of External Relations (ER).


Erasmus+ ICM 2020


Time plan

November 22nd (2019): Last date for the faculties to hand in a notice for interest to apply for Erasmus+ ICM to the Office of external relations (ER).
December 10th (2019): Writing seminar for project managers at 15-16 in Växjö (H1272 - rectors' corridor)
December 12th (2019): Writing seminar for project managers at 15-16 in Kalmar (Vi3133, House Vita)
January 19th (2020): Last date to hand in applications for Erasmus+ ICM 2020 to office of External Relations.