Internationella Relationer Lnu

International Relations (IR)

International relations, at the office of external relations, coordinates, administers and quality-checks university-common international collaboration agreements, funding programmes and networks relating to internationalisation in education and research.
We have a counselling role for management, faculties/departments and the university administration in the universities' ambitions in achieving established internationalisation goals.

Internationalisation efforts include, for example, student and staff exchanges, research collaborations, educational cooperation projects, and participation in international networks and projects.

Areas of responsibility

  • Faculty support
  • Management support
  • International university wide cooperation agreements
  • Lnu process for intrenational cooperation agreements
  • Programmes including staff mobility (Erasmus+, ISEP, USAC, Linnaeus-Palme, STINT TS, Lnu Strategic Funds for Internationalisation)
  • Networks and Projects (EUniWell, MIRAI, NCI, SANORD, SAR)
  • System support (Interbas)
  • Strategy and external monitoring
  • The Brussels office

Regional management

Staff at International Relations (IR) work with a regional management in the sense that they are responsible for the university wide international agreements and have knowledge about ongoing collaboration in the region, as well as financial possibilities and the educational system and monitoring.

Contact person for the faculties

Each member at IR acts as a contact person towards a faculty where members of staff of the faculty can contact for questions within our field of work: